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You can’t find any feminine or sexiness inside me at all. The other members all have feminine qualities but for me I don’t know. I’m still trying to find that quality within me” - hyeri

baekhyun and pastels requested by anon

Boy Who Cried Wolf fashion store

Anonymous : /post/81682463441/baekhyun-glasses-lovely-smile-perfection tutorial?? you're so good at this graphics thingy i cryy

Aww thank you so much!!

Anonymous : are you going to continue the bf meme? you started a trend!

Yes I might ^u^ I know omg I see so many bf edits for so many different fandoms now haha

Red outfit appreciation

happy birthday, angel!

Anonymous : on that edit 'if baek was ur bf..' can u tell me where u learnt how to make that 'dash scroll gif /in kakao talk/ maybe u read an it somewhere , or if not could u explain pls ^^ ur edits r so cute i wish to do smth too ;;

Hi!! For the kkt thing (it’s not kkt, it’s line hehe), it was from their individual line sticker videos that I can’t link to rn cus I’m on my iPad. So I just gifed that video and cropped out the phone. Thank you so much though, I really appreciate it! ^^

I wonder if you ever think of me

yoonsic edit requested by eventvr♡

Jessica + SNSD concepts


Hello~ ummm okay wow idk what to say ummm well this is my First Follow Forever, I never thought I would make one of this but yeah, here I am lol This is for both my Main Blog, LuhansLullaby (Chilenagirl before) and my BTS side-blog, princesseok :) 

It’s been almost a year since I made my Main Blog and my BTS blog has been up for just a couple of months and has reached an amount of followers that I thought I would Never have ;;u;; so I decided it was time to make one of this to thank my wonderful followers and the amazing people I follow~

PS. Sorry for my crappy grammar, edit, and if I missed someone on the list I AM SO SORRY! OTL

Bold = Mutual ;;

Italic - Teach me your ways Senpai! ;o;

♥ = Hover~ You Have a Message~ ^ 3^


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You all have such wonderful blogs! I love every single one of them *u* thank you for making my bash such a wonderful place (≧◡≦) and Thank you to my followers that put up with me everyday :’D

bye bye~!