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Anonymous : What is your nationality?

im a chinese american ^^

exo chibi robots » baby yeol

((living in smtown)) snsd; super junior; boa; f(x); exo; smrookies; shinee; tvxq 


Sexy Goddess Hyoyeon performing “Mr. Mr.”

baekhyun in the house (roommate - preview)

best of short haired sunny.

"After waking up, you found out you’re able to use a supernatural power! What would that power be?" (xx)

[HQ] F(x) Krystal for Elle 1270x1700
Source: Soojung-a


31 /  stars in the galaxy

Tears all fall the same
We all feel the rain
We can’t change
Everywhere we go we’re looking for the sun
Nowhere to grow old
We’re always on the run

daehyun’s 2nd adventure 


introducing b.a.p: bang yongguk

"I am the dreamer, Bang Yongguk, who has a deep voice and low pitch, and is always looking for something creative. While living for 23 years, there are many times when I still don’t quite know who I am.”

Jongup ♡