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Could you do Yuzuru + yellow/gold from his 2012 Nice FS? Or his 2014 World Champ gala ex :)

uhhhh ive been on an editors block for even groups that i stan so i dont think i would have the attention span to edit yuzuru at this point cus im not even a fan of him (someone just requested that edit) lol

but i could always try when i have the motivation to do so ^^ thank you for requesting <3 

"so this is love. so this is what makes life divine."

sehun and his tousled hair

We were bound to reach a dead end. That was painfully clear.

Kim Himchan’s Emotions! (x)


Introducing Himchan Coffee™, a new brand of coffee hitting the US, South Korea, Europe, and Australia this summer of 2k14! Stop by a local store opening today to receive a free cup of latte or a frappucino, on us! Coffee selected from only the freshest beans in the world with a dash of handsome, a dash of weirdness and a whole bunch of awesome! Himchan Coffee will not disappoint. Grab a cup today!


Happy Birthday, Kim Himchan! Going from 23 to 24, as B.A.P’s second oldest hyung, you have a lot of weight on your shoulders. I just wish I could let you know just how much adoration I have for you and that you really have become a role model to me. Always trying to reach out to your fans a little bit more, to be a little closer and trying your best in everything. I adore you. Not only are you a natural, musical genius, but you’re so incredibly handsome and it kind of makes me want to punch you in the face. I wish I could give you an endless amount of coffee and I wish you only the best as you turn almost half of 50 (!!!) I’m kidding, you’re not old. You’re one of the most wonderful people I have ever known and one day wish to meet you face to face to tell you how amazing you really are. You’re beautiful inside and out, and I dearly hope you know that yourself.

Always working your hardest, always being the best Himchan not even just for yourself but for B.A.P and for us, babies — Happy birthday, my lovely. You deserve only the best. 언제나 힘차게 달리는 모습이 너무예뻐. 생일축하해, 김힘찬!  ♡

happy birthday mr kim.

happy birthday mr kim.

th ♡